Rideshare apps like Lyft and Uber have taken over the taxi business, offering users a ride at the touch of their fingertips. Just like other car accidents, determining who is at fault for an accident is necessary when seeking damages as an injured party. After being involved in a rideshare accident, make sure to take the proper legal steps to accurately and effectively file your claim. Here are the most crucial actions to take after getting into a rideshare accident.

Get Medical Attention

Your health is our top priority following any accident. Call 911 if you sustain any injuries in your accident, no matter how minor you think they may be. Some accidents, despite producing injuries that are considered “surface level,” can lead to larger internal issues if not addressed properly. Once evaluated, you may utilize the medical report in any subsequent claims you submit. If you require serious medical treatment after your accident and get taken to the hospital from the crash scene, be sure to collect any information that says who called the ambulance and when, if possible.

Gather Evidence

Take pictures of all the vehicles involved in the collision, any injuries, and any other accident-related evidence like broken glass or damaged property. The likelihood that crucial evidence may be misplaced, altered, or forgotten increases as time goes on. To avoid this, start gathering proof as soon as you can. The sooner you present your case to a lawyer, the sooner they can assist you in gathering your evidence and begin formulating a plan to get you an accurate and fair settlement for your injuries.

If you are a passenger involved in these accidents, make sure to document the driver of your Lyft or Uber and their information through the app, as well as your payment information for the ride to prove it was paid for. Taking a screenshot of the route you took, pinpointing the spot on the map where the collision happened, and noting any driver information from the app allow you to have a piece of information that links your driver to the application during the time of the crash. 

Exchange Information

Just like any other auto accident, exchanging information is essential for filing a case. Note the name and contact details of the driver. Record your insurance details, driver’s license, and license plate number as well. Be sure to involve all drivers, passengers, and possible eyewitnesses in this step, ensuring that you have the support needed to file your claim. Accident victims must file a claim for compensation with that person’s insurance if another driver, other than the Uber or Lyft driver, is to blame for the collision. 

Contact the Authorities

According to Georgia State Law, each auto collision that causes injuries or property damage of $500 or more has to be reported to the police. The only drivers who need to report the collision are those who were involved. Nonetheless, injured Uber or Lyft passengers should make sure a police complaint is filed. Any upcoming accident claim or personal injury claim will require this information.

Retain a Lawyer

You can make a personal injury claim against the Uber driver’s private auto insurance if you were hurt as a passenger in an accident involving an Uber. Yet, most personal car insurance policies fail to provide coverage for accidents that happen when a vehicle is being used for “business purposes,” such as ridesharing. You can make a claim against Uber’s corporate auto insurance under these circumstances.

Personal injury lawsuits are typically resolved outside of court. However, you might need to file a lawsuit to obtain payment for your injuries if an acceptable out-of-court settlement is not reached with the Uber driver or their insurance company. For these proceedings, contact Lamar Law Office to speak with our team and get the representation you need.