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Simple Reasons

Why Hire Lamar Law Office, LLC? The We Care Difference

When choosing a lawyer, you can’t afford to put your faith in someone with little experience or limited knowledge.  You need someone who knows what you’re going through.  You deserve a firm that has dedicated itself to understanding and fighting for the justice you need.  You need a law firm that Cares.  Lamar Law Office, LLC doesn’t spread itself thinly by “dabbling” in a lot of different areas.  We put our complete focus in injury and disability cases in order to ensure expertise.  Come see how our focus is what you need to pursue your claim.  We believe the law is a reflection of humanity’s fears, hopes, dreams and aspirations.  The law is not cold, academic or theoretical. The law is people. 

Small Firm with Big Customer Service

Lamar Law Office, LLC strikes the perfect balance. The firm is small enough to ensure you receive outstanding customer service while large enough to aggressively fight on your behalf. At our firm you are not just a number. We enjoy developing lasting relationships with each and every client. We’re small enough to get to know and work with our personal injury clients as individuals, not just cases.

When your life has been disrupted by an unexpected injury, we know that you need more than just capable representation in your personal injury case. You need to have confidence in your personal injury lawyers and to understand your rights and options.

We’re dedicated to obtaining the most favorable outcome possible for you and your circumstances, whether that means negotiating a settlement in a relatively short period of time or taking your personal injury claim to trial. But, we are also here to set your mind at ease and help you understand what’s happening and what you can expect at every stage.

Can I Bring A Personal Injury Claim?

Contact Lamar Law Office, LLC today for a free case evaluation.  If you have suffered a personal injury due to no fault of your own there is a likely chance that you have an opportunity at recover.  However, it is important that you contact Lamar Law Office, LLC to discuss your car accident, slip and fall, dog bite and injury case as soon as possible.  The longer you wait the harder or less opportunity you may have to recover. 

Specific Discussions

Can I Wait to Bring The Claim?

All states have laws limiting the amount of time a claim can be brought against the insurance company.  The length of time is determined by the legislator in your state.  These laws are known as statutes of limitation (SOL).  For most car accident cases in Georgia, the statute of limitations (SOL) is two years after the date of the collision.

However, waiting two years to bring an automobile collision or slip and fall claim can be disastrous for your case.  It is important to hire an attorney as soon as possible to preserve evidence critical to your claim.  This can include preservation of witness statements, surveillance cameras and proper photographs of damage to the vehicle.  Furthermore, certain claims can limit the amount of time permitted to bring the claim.  An example are claims against government entities.  There are laws that require earlier notice be provided to these entities.  Additionally, certain types of claims require that the insurance company have knowledge of the claim shortly after the collision or fall.  An example would be claims that can be brought against your own insurance company, known as Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Claims, usually require that the insurance company be allowed to have thirty to ninety days’ notice.

What If I Can’t Afford to Pay an Attorney?

At Lamar Law Office, LLC we operate on a contingency contract or contingent fee agreement.  A contingent fee agreement means Lamar Law Office, LLC does not earn any fee unless we are able to recover on your behalf.  If we are able to make a recovery, then our fee is a percentage of the overall recovery.

We don’t recover unless you do.

What Information Do I Need to Get Started?

Contact Lamar Law Office, LLC to discuss your case today.  We will begin with basic questions that will not be difficult to answer:

  • Date of the Collision
  • Time of the Collision
  • Location of the Collision
  • Description of the Collision
  • Description of the Injuries
  • Followed by a discussion of how Lamar Law Office, LLC can care for you and your family.

After you sign up with Lamar Law Office, LLC – we will have discuss your medical treatment, case numbers given to you by the responding police officers and background questions to allow us to better assist you.

What If I Can’t Wait for A Settlement?

At Lamar Law Office, LLC we realize that when a tragedy occurs it gives no warning and many are unprepared.  The devastation of being out of work, without a vehicle or unable to do your normal day to day activities can cause financial hardships.  Under Georgia Bar rules Attorneys and Law Firms cannot give funding to clients.

Rule 1.8(e) of the State Bar clearly explains the limitations placed on attorneys when it comes to loaning money to a client. Lawyers can’t provide financial assistance to their clients, except that they can advance court costs and litigation expenses, making the repayment of those costs contingent on the case’s outcome. An attorney can also pay the court costs and fees on behalf of the client, if the client is unable to cover the costs him or herself. In order for a fee to be contingent, the agreement must be in writing and needs to state the way that fee is determined, including the percentage paid to the attorney after settlement as well as any other expenses that need to be paid.

However, there are pre-settlement funding companies that may be able to offer assistance.

What If I Don’t Want to File Lawsuit?

At Lamar Law Office, LLC we evaluate every case for its own individual merit.  As a result, we must only recommend settling a case when there has been a proper evaluation by the insurance company.  We work diligently to compile all proper documentation and in many cases a lawsuit is not necessary.  However, we cannot guarantee that this will happen in every case.  Though more cases settle in a high proportionate amount than require lawsuits – even if a lawsuit is needed, we will work swiftly and with lots of care to make the process as painless for you as possible.

What If I Am Unable to Drive?

Lamar Law Office, LLC recognizes that there are many reasons clients might make it difficult to physically come to the office to meet with us.  In the event that you are unable to travel to our office we will come to you.  We will meet you at your home or even at the hospital.  Our job is to make this process as easy and simple as possible.

How Do I Get in Contact with You?

You can call us at 678.819.5200 or 877.CARE.404 – you can even send a text!  You can also utilize our website chat service.  You can also email us at and expect a response in 1 – 2 hours. 

Lamar Law Office is highly service-oriented and understands that clients seek more than just legal representation...

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Car Collisions in Atlanta

Steps Following A Car Collision:

Stay at the scene where the accident occurred until you’ve exchanged information with the other driver and called the police, if necessary. If you leave the accident scene before the appropriate time, you can face significant criminal penalties as a hit-and-run driver.

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We go the extra mile to offer each client the best service.

Practice Areas

There are many different legal services that you may need, and the law is unique for each type of case.  No matter what the issue, it is important to have a trustworthy and respected attorney on your side.  Lamar Law Office, LLC handles all types of personal injury and disability cases in the state of Georgia.  No matter what kind of case you have, we will go the extra mile to make sure that you get the result you deserve.  If you want answers to your questions about any type of personal injury case, contact us now.  Remember that our firm works on a complete contingency basis.  Contingency basis means Lamar Law Office, LLC does not charge a fee for our representation unless we are able to recover on your behalf.

We handle a broad range of cases including:


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Welcome to the Family

It is important to speak to a lawyer as soon as possible.  Lamar Law Office, LLC is here to help.  At Lamar Law Office, there is no charge for the initial phone consultation.  After the initial phone consultation, we can meet in our office at your convenience (including evenings and the weekends).  When you come to our office you will know that we genuinely care about you and your case.  If you do not have transportation, we will come to you.

Transparency is important.  Fees and costs are discussed up front, and all terms are put in writing.  Remember there are no up front fees and we only recover when you do.  Our office is strategically located in Tucker on Hugh Howell Road to best serve you.  We know the law but more importantly we care about you, your family and the outcome of your case.  We’re ready to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.  Please give us a call today so that we can answer any questions you have about your case.

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