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Accidents caused by drunk driving are one of the most dangerous threats on the road. Aside from the trauma, driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to fatal injuries and death. The fatalities usually stem from the driver falling asleep at the wheel or being unable to control the speed and direction of the vehicle. If you’ve been affected, a drunk driving accident attorney can help you seek justice and compensation for your suffering.

If you or a loved one has been harmed due to the negligence of an intoxicated driver, the aftermath can be devastating. This experience can cause physical, mental, and financial stress to individuals and families. You will need the help of an experienced drunk driving accident lawyer to help you fight and get the compensation you deserve. Contact Lamar Law Office today for a free consultation.

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At Lamar Law Office, we have years of experience providing Georgia with legal support after a drunk driving accident. Our personal injury law firm offers outstanding and individualized customer service to each client, ensuring that they get the proper treatment they deserve. We understand that you need to focus on recovery after the accident, so let us handle the legal side of your case. Your drunk driving accident attorney will fight aggressively on your behalf to get your medical bills and expenses paid.

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Georgia’s total traffic fatalities that involve alcohol-related accidents


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Convicted drunk drivers with a suspended license that continue to drive.

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After a drunk driving accident, insurance companies start working to reduce their clients’ faults and the amount of money they need to pay you. Our team at Lamar Law Office works even harder to ensure that you will receive full and fair compensation for your injuries. Fighting against these companies by yourself will likely be unsuccessful. You need a trusted drunk driving accident lawyer who has enough knowledge of the law and your particular case.

That’s why you need a strong Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer like Anita Lamar on your side.

Fighting against these companies by yourself will likely be unsuccessful. You need a trusted drunk driving injury lawyer who has enough knowledge of the law and your particular case.

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Attorney Anita Lamar and her experienced team are focused on premier client-centered legal care. With over a decade of experience, our team has been delivering success to our clients in every case.  We always prioritize our clients’ needs when fighting for justice. We know legal battles can be stressful, especially after experiencing a traumatic accident. That’s why our team at Lamar Law Office does everything we can to negotiate a settlement or take your personal injury claim to a trial so that you can achieve the justice you deserve.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The process for filing a personal injury claim can be complicated. It is best to contact experienced lawyers at Lamar Law Office to know exactly what you need for your case. To obtain full compensation, you need a police report filed with information about the drivers. We will get in touch with a claims specialist from your insurance company. The specialist would then request us to file a claim based on your injuries or damage.

At Lamar Law Office, we will guide you through every step of the legal process and help you file a personal injury lawsuit, so you can get monetary compensation for:
● Pain and suffering
● Medical expenses
● Physical therapy and rehabilitation
● Lost income

A DUI accident lawyer will gather all available evidence and seek missing evidence to prove a DUI injury claim. Our personal injury lawyers at Lamar Law Office will search for important evidence that may help your DUI injury claim. This includes police reports, witness testimonies, accident damages, and sobriety tests.

In Georgia, you can potentially sue multiple parties in a DUI injury claim. Aside from the suspected DUI driver, a lawsuit may also be filed against the driver’s insurance company or parent (for minors). You can also file a claim against the homeowner or business owner under certain circumstances. However, it must be proven that they are accountable for the accident.

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