March is all about recognizing how trailblazing women, suffragists, and visionaries fought for gender equality and helped secure equal rights for women. Supporting the women in your life can be done year-round, but during Women’s History Month, this support can be used as the ultimate form of empowerment. Here are the best ways to show the women in your life how much you support them and all they do. 

Show Your Appreciation 

For some, compliments and recognition for their work are best said with words of affirmation. Whether it be thank-you notes, verbal reminders, or sweet talk, showing the women in your life that you love them through your words can be a pleasant reminder of how much you support them. For those more inclined to receive praise through gifts, highlighting achievements at work or school through gift-giving and planning meaningful dates is a great way to show appreciation. 

Some ideas for supporting female empowerment that you can do with your loved ones include:

  • Watching a movie or documentary about womanhood made by a female director
  • Listening to women-led podcasts about the experience of living as a woman
  • Listening to music by female artists, composers, and producers

Other activities you can do for yourself that help with the appreciation and celebration of women include writing down inspirational quotes from famous women throughout history for yourself or reading literature written by women authors. Knowing how to celebrate femininity, as well as how to celebrate the femininity of the women in your life, is essential for creating a supportive, loving atmosphere during Women’s History Month. 

Celebrate the Achievements of Women in Your Life

Recognizing the women in your life can be done with family or friends, especially through celebrations. Organizing a woman’s lunch or dinner is one approach to recognizing the accomplishments of the women in your life. Bring some female family and friends around to discuss strong female role models from history or their extended families. 

This may be an excellent chance to motivate younger generations by talking about the successes of past female relatives. For fun activities during these events, you could hand out awards that the group votes on for different categories, celebrating the perseverance through hardships that these women have had throughout their lives. These events are also great opportunities to make keepsakes or heirlooms that celebrate your family history, like scrapbooks, cookbooks, or photo albums.

Be Aware of Women’s Struggles

Despite their progress, women still encounter civil rights barriers due to their gender in several situations. For instance, women continue to endure discrimination at work, earn lower salaries than men on average, are underrepresented in leadership positions, STEM fields, and politics, and are in charge of a majority of domestic and childcare duties while expected to work. 

In addition, there are still prevalent issues like the pink tax, hiring discrimination, detrimental beauty standards, and higher rates of domestic and sexual abuse against women. Recognizing these issues and making an effort to help combat them within your power for the women in your life are great ways to celebrate women’s history month. 

Support Women-Owned Businesses

Supporting a woman-owned business is a simple gesture that can help inspire and uplift the women in your life alongside the women in your community. When you make a conscious effort to support women-owned businesses, you are showing the women that you care about them and that your support extends to all women, helping them recognize your dedication to women’s empowerment. 

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