No fall is expected or easily handled, especially falls down the steps. These accidents can cause long-term, massive injuries that can change a life in the blink of an eye. If a slip and fall accident was caused by negligence on behalf of a landlord or property owner, contacting a personal injury lawyer can help create a case to rectify the damages caused by this neglect. 

What Is Property Negligence?

Suing for negligence in any civil suit means that the victim must establish four factors to succeed in a negligence claim: the offender owed the victim an obligation, the wrongdoer violated the obligation, the breach caused the injury, and the victim suffered due to this negligence. For cases of property negligence, typically incorporating renters and landlords, a property owner’s inability to provide safe and habitable housing or facilities that result in an injury faced by a tenant can be considered property negligence. 

For example, if a loose nail at the top of a flight of steps has been reported to a landlord as needing to be fixed, but this request is ignored, and the nail snags the stock of a renter, causing said renter to fall down the steps, the landlord who owns the property would be liable for damages.

Common Injuries Resulting From A Fall Down The Stairs

Several criteria, such as how long the steps are, whether they are carpeted and whether the staircase was enclosed, among others, will determine the severity and type of injuries you sustained in a fall down the stairs. The following are some of the most frequent injuries caused by stairs:

  • Injuries to the lower extremities, such as dislocations or internal bleeding
  • Broken ankles or wrists
  • Damage to the neck, back, or spine
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) like concussions
  • Neck or head trauma
  • Deep wounds or lacerations
  • Injury to the spinal cord, which could result in paralysis
  • Fractures
  • Sprains or a strain

These injuries can be detrimental for renters, but taking legal action against a landlord is possible. A landlord must address any maintenance issues outside of the renter’s control, such as uneven floorboards, loose nails, or improperly installed handrails, that may have resulted in a fall. Stair falls can happen outside or in public places that many people share, like parks, sidewalks, streets, subway stations, and more. Falls at these locations may be caused by obstacles in the way of stair users, careless or reckless movement on the part of another stair user, or a lack of upkeep on the part of the local administration and can still be addressed by a personal injury claim.

Can Landlords Be Held Accountable For Property Negligence?

Both tenants and landlords have obligations and rights in a tenant-landlord relationship. One of the tenants’ largest and most important rights is the right to safety and security while on the property. The landlord has specific duties they must carry out to maintain these rights and secure the property, including habitability and maintenance requests. If they do not assure this, they risk being held liable for any harm an inhabitant suffers because of the property owner’s carelessness.

Beginning The Claims Process From Falling Down The Stairs

Any home should be considered a safe space, regardless of whether or not it is purchased or rented. Homeowners that do not ensure the safety of their current tenants, causing them to fall down the stairs, are blatantly committing property negligence. Contacting a personal injury lawyer after any injuries that could be considered the result of property negligence can help restore a necessary sense of security in one’s home. At Lamar Law Office, our team can help create a personal injury claim resulting from a landlord’s negligence, so visit our website and contact us today to get started.