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Every year in Atlanta, there are thousands of civil rights violations. In such cases, justice seekers benefit highly from the essential legal services offered by a civil rights law firm.

Lamar Law Office, LLC has a lot of experience as a civil rights law firm and has gifted, qualified civil rights attorneys devoted to providing legal care and attention to individuals who believe that their civil rights have been violated.

Attorney Anita Lamar sincerely understands the sensitivity of civil rights cases and focuses on giving the best legal care and assistance to help you easily navigate the seemingly complex and complicated court system quickly and confidently.

Lamar Law Office, LLC is also highly specialized in legally negotiating a fair settlement to bring an adequate resolution to your case so that you can have the opportunity to get the rights that you fully deserve.

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Civil rights are personal rights that are guaranteed and protected by the constitution to ensure that all individuals receive equal treatment regardless of their disability, sex, race, religion, national origin, or other characteristics. Civil rights ensure that individuals are protected from discrimination so they can enjoy their rights, freedoms, and privileges in areas such as employment, housing, education, voting, government services, and many more.

In case you find yourself in a situation in which you feel that your civil rights have been violated, please contact a civil rights lawyer as soon as possible. A civil rights lawyer will help you get a clear legal perspective on any issue you’re facing.

It is essential to know your basic civil rights. This knowledge will equip you with the legal freedom and power to fight for your human rights. Below are some civil rights violations:

  • Racial discrimination
  • Abused by public officials, such as cases of police brutality
  • Education discrimination based on sex and gender
  • Sexual harassment at the workplace
  • Special education discrimination for people living with disabilities
  • Employment discrimination
  • Housing discrimination
  • Denial of voting rights
  • Welfare rights isolation (benefit income denial)
  • Cruel and unusual punishment of prisoners and inmates by federal officials
  • Human trafficking

Justice: We Achieve It

Historically, there has been a pervasive and open denial of civil rights that has negatively affected the society we live in today. Discrimination and violation of civil rights in one generation may negatively affect the social, economic, health, or wealth accumulation opportunities for the generations to come. Civil rights law firms have fought hard over the years to ensure justice reigns in society.

Lamar Law Office, LLC has years of experience as a civil rights law firm and clearly understands that any violation against your civil rights today, if left unchecked, may open the door to future discrimination that could happen again to you or someone else.


We Fight For You

It may also feel overwhelming to go up against a powerful individual or organization. A civil rights law firm such as Lamar Law Office, LLC is your best chance at winning such a legal case.

A civil rights legal battle is one that does not need to be fought alone. Trying to win a legal fight on your own may lead to loss of valuable time, resources and energy as you try to maneuver the complex legal terrain that lies ahead of you. In such cases, you need a civil rights attorney who is bold and ready to stand up for those who are seeking legal care, services, and justice. Attorney Anita Lamar is professionally skilled and equipped to provide the extensive knowledge and expertise you need to put together a strong case to win your civil rights legal battle.

Attorney Anita Lamar and her experienced legal care team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, Lamar Law Office, LLC cannot assist every person who contacts us with civil rights violations. Sadly because of the nature of these cases, our firm must be highly selective in making those decisions. However, there are many organizations that may offer assistance. Here is a short (and not all-inclusive) list of some notable civil rights organizations:

• American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
• National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP)
• National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLT)
• The Advocates for Human Rights

If you feel that there has been a violation of your civil rights, it’s best to speak to a civil rights attorney so that you can know whether you have a solid case or not and which steps you should take next.

When a person is doing something using the authority that has been given to them by a government agency, they are doing it under the color of law. An example is when a police officer legally arrests someone.

The statute of limitations is an important law that governs how long it should take from the date of the alleged violation or offense to the date when the legal proceedings are initiated. That is why it is necessary to speak with a civil rights attorney as soon as possible to avoid losing the legal right to seek your compensation.

Prisoners and inmates still have rights even though their rights may differ from everyone else’s. Prisoners and inmates have the right to file a lawsuit if they feel that federal officials have violated their rights.

The compensation received is either monetary or injunctive relief where a governmental organization stops the isolator from violating your civil rights again. 

Yes. You can ask for attorney fees from the individual or organization that you are suing.  This needs to be discussed with your attorney if you are involved in a lawsuit or if you are going to sue someone.

Do not hesitate to contact our office if you feel that your rights have been violated. We are prepared to advise you on the next line of action to take.

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