Why Choosing a Small Law Firm for Your Collision Makes Sense

From fender benders to vehicle rollovers, car accidents are one of the most stressful events a person can experience. Collisions can cause even more distress when insurance companies deny claims or refuse to provide fair compensation. When faced with these types of situations, many people turn to small law firms for legal guidance and professional representation. You may be thinking, “Wouldn’t a larger law firm provide better services?” The answer is no. Most small law firm lawyers possess the same educational background and experience as the big firms, but with a personalized touch.

Community Dedication

While many larger law firms focus on quantity, smaller firms tend to make quality the target goal. Small law firms understand the importance of cultivating a positive reputation in their community by building strong relationships with clients. Although larger law firms may be more well-known due to having more substantial marketing budgets, they often lack the local ties that make a law firm a trusted source of advocacy. At Lamar Law Office, we are privileged to serve our clients and community.

Personalized Attention

When you choose to work with a small law firm, you are hiring an attorney, not just a firm. This means you are more likely get the one-on-one attention you need and deserve. After a collision, it is common to not only suffer the physical effects of the accident, but also the mental and emotional impact. Having a dedicated lawyer by your side to explain things and guide you through the sometimes long and complex legal process can be comforting. With a small firm, you also do not have to worry about getting passed on from lawyer to lawyer which is a common practice in larger firms.

Better Communication

Good communication is of the utmost importance when faced with a serious legal case. Clients do not want to wait days to hear back about the status of their claim or have to make numerous phone calls to get in touch with their lawyer. As small law firms have fewer clients that they work with simultaneously, it is often easier to maintain open communication. Instead of being shuffled from one support staff to another, you will find that you have a direct line to your lawyer and your lawyer will respond to your inquiries in a timely manner.

Higher Efficiency

Bigger is not always better. The larger the law firm, the more clients that each individual lawyer must take on. Even the most organized and attentive attorneys can have trouble keeping up with building workloads, often resulting in delays and possible errors. Having fewer clients allows small law firms to work more closely with clients to better understand all aspects of a case. Lawyers of small law firms are also able to perform necessary tasks and complete legal documents and other paperwork in a shorter timeframe, allowing clients to recover damages more swiftly.

Affordable Costs

It is normal to be concerned about legal costs after a collision. It makes sense that your finances may be hindered due to lost wages or unexpected medical bills. Working with a small law firm will allow you to get the legal representation you need without breaking the bank. Small law firms have less overhead than larger firms and these savings are passed on to the clients.

More Flexibility

Not every law firm that you go to will be willing to accept your case. Larger law firms often prefer to take on higher-profile cases that will put their name in the limelight and result in bigger profits. These higher profile cases can also take up a majority of a lawyer’s time, leaving few work hours open for low-profile cases. Smaller law firms are much more flexible and accept smaller cases and value them no different than the higher-profile cases.

No Case Is Too Small

As a paying client at an established law firm, you should expect your case to be a main priority at the law firm that represents you. At a larger law firm this will likely not be the case. Larger law firms are not able to give every client the individual attention that they expect due to having an abundance of other cases. This means that smaller cases, such as car accidents, are often put on the backburner. When working with a smaller law firm, your case is often handled with priority. Your claim is taken seriously from the get-go and processed with urgency.

At Lamar Law Office, we value every case and give each client the same level of attention. Our brand has a strong focus on care. We care about each and every client.  Our care for our clients is evident every aspect of our practice. We regularly contact our clients to ensure that they are up-to-date on any changes in their case. Immediately upon signing, our clients become part of the family. We understand that each client is equally important and that the outcome of their case can have a serious effect on their future. We achieve personal satisfaction from earning the trust and confidence of our clients.

Hiring a Small Law Firm

It is important to act fast after a collision. You want to have your legal rights protected following a car accident to ensure that you are not found financially responsible for someone else’s negligence. Small law firms have the experience, education, and legal knowledge needed to handle negotiations with insurance companies and prove liability for any injuries sustained during the collision. They will  help victims obtain a fair settlement for damages. If you or a loved one has been involved in a collision, put your case in the trusted hands of a small law firm.

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