Civil rights are a vital aspect of our American way of life. They ensure every person is treated with the respect and care they deserve, regardless of their age, sex, economic status, or lifestyle. When your civil rights are violated, it can feel devastating and may leave you unsure of how to handle the situation. However, if you feel that your civil rights have been violated, there are a few different steps you can take within your legal rights. An experienced civil rights attorney can help. 

What Is a Civil Rights Violation?

As a citizen of the United States, you are entitled to certain freedoms, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, and a sense of protection against a variety of different platforms of potential discrimination. A civil rights violation is any offense that occurs against a victim based on protected factors such as:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Gender
  • Disability
  • Color
  • National origin

Common Examples 

A civil rights violation can take on many forms. It is beneficial to understand what these different forms can be when trying to determine if you or someone you love has been a victim of a civil rights violation. Here are some examples:

  • Housing discrimination. This form of discrimination can take several forms and be based on factors such as age, race, or lifestyle. An example could be a landlord who refuses to rent to someone below a certain age even when that person is a prime candidate. Both state and federal laws are in place to prevent landlords from rejecting applicants based on certain factors alone. Housing discrimination applies to all aspects of housing, including renting, selling, mortgages, and homeowner insurance coverage. 
  • Refusing service. When a person enters a business establishment, such as a coffee shop or restaurant, they are entitled to receive fair service. If a server or business owner refuses to provide a service due to a person’s sexual identity, race, national origin, or another protected characteristic, this is a violation of the patron’s civil rights. 
  • Sex and gender discrimination. This type of civil rights violation involves treating someone unfairly because of their gender identity or sexual orientation. Someone might make offensive remarks, sexually harass, or use physical violence toward the individual. The law forbids discrimination on this level when it comes to any aspect of employment, as well as housing. In the workplace, this harassment could include:
  • Unwelcome sexual advances
  • Offensive remarks about a person’s sex
  • Verbal or physical conduct that affects the person’s employment, such as work performance or work environment

What Should I Do If My Rights Are Violated?

As an American citizen, you should never feel discriminated against due to the variety of protected factors that make us all unique. When discrimination takes place in the workplace, with housing, or when seeking public services, it can be a serious legal issue. If you believe your civil rights have been violated, it is important to seek out an experienced civil rights attorney. 

A professional law office, such as Lamar Law Office, LLC, will carefully listen to the details of your concerns and provide you with the guidance you need to better understand your situation and your rights. We can help you navigate the court system and make sure you have everything you need to pursue your case in a court of law. An experienced attorney will have the knowledge you need to meet all deadlines, have the right documentation, and help you move through the court system as quickly as possible. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can assist you in your civil rights case.