Personal injury law is one of the largest sub-fields within the legal profession, largely due to the wide range of personal injury cases. A personal injury firm, such as Lamar Law Office, LLC of Atlanta, can offer expert assistance with any type of personal injury claim.

Common Personal Injuries

The following list, while by no means exhaustive, will give a good idea of the sorts of injuries that often result in successful civil suits where an injured person is able to recover compensation from the responsible party:

Automobile Accidents

Car accidents are far and away the most common type of personal injury case in the United States, with millions of Americans injured in traffic incidents every year. In the state of Georgia alone, there are hundreds of thousands of annual car accidents, with more than 1,000 of them serious enough to result in a fatality. Even when examining the automotive aspect of personal injury law, there are a huge range of different injuries that can be experienced: whiplash, broken bones, burns, spinal injuries, head injuries, and more. The damages you can seek after being injured in a car accident will depend on the extent of your injuries, the circumstances of the crash, and whether it can be proven that someone else was at fault.

Slip and Fall

This is exactly what it sounds like: a slip and fall accident. While some people negatively associate these cases with frivolous lawsuits, the truth is that slip and fall accidents can have serious medical consequences. Slip and fall incidents can even cause fatalities under the wrong combination of circumstances. Head injuries, spine injuries, and broken bones are common outcomes for these types of accidents.

Medical Malpractice

The medical side of personal injury law is another legal sub-field that frequently sees high-value settlements and judgments. Medical malpractice issues are so prevalent that most health care providers in most states must invest in medical malpractice insurance as a routine part of their business overhead. If mistakes or omissions made during medical treatment have injured you, you may have a legally actionable medical malpractice claim.

Product Failure

While it may seem odd, sometimes a personal injury suit can be filed against a party many hundreds or thousands of miles away. When you’re injured by a faulty product, the manufacturer can be held liable for damages in court even if they’re not located in the same state.

Dog Bites

Many of us love our pets and appreciate the companionship and fun a good dog can bring to our family life. Unfortunately, many Americans each year end up seeking medical treatment for dog bites. When you’re bitten by a dog due to the owner’s negligence or failure to follow leash laws, you can hold them responsible for your medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages with a personal injury lawsuit.


When you are deliberately and viciously attacked by another human being, you enter a legal situation that exists at the crossroads of the civil and criminal court systems. Criminal charges (and criminal punishments such as imprisonment) routinely result from assault cases, but if you’re injured during an assault, you can also file a suit for damages in civil court.

Workplace Injuries

Suffering an on-the-job injury can be extremely stressful. You may feel inclined to hide or downplay your injury so that your boss does not retaliate or send you home without pay. This is the wrong way to deal with a workplace injury, however. Worker’s compensation laws exist to make sure that those who are injured while doing their jobs can access financial support while they heal.

Getting Help with Your Georgia Personal Injury Claim

If you’ve been injured through no fault of your own, contact the experts at Lamar Law Office, LLC for a free, no-obligation review of your case. We’ll help you determine whether your case will hold up in court, and from there we’ll move on to designing a legal strategy to ensure you receive the maximum damages allowed under Georgia law.