Dog bite situations can be very overwhelming and distressing. These occurrences can leave all parties feeling very out of control and without support. Today we are going to be discussing two very different situations:

  1. What to do if you are the victim of a dog bite injury
  2. What to do if your dog bites someone

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Dealing with Dog-Related Injuries: Essential Steps to Take

Stay Calm

It can be very difficult to remain calm when you have been attacked, but try to remain as calm as you can. Do not try to catch or retaliate against the dog, simply remove yourself as best as you can from any further harm. 


Take pictures 

It is very important to take as many pictures as you can at the scene of the accident and of any injuries over time. Taking the pictures as soon as possible will help to illustrate how your injuries might have looked fresh from the attack. These images can be used as evidence in a personal injury dog bite claim.

Address any wounds or injuries

Address any wounds or injuries as best you can right away with first aid, or better yet, medical attention. If you have been bitten, see a doctor immediately because dog bites can become infected and might require further medical attention. Seeing a doctor and keeping medical records of any injuries can also be used as evidence in a personal injury dog bite claim.

Call Animal Control

Instead of trying to catch the dog yourself, call animal control to catch a dangerous dog. Animal control can also determine if the dog has rabies. If the dog does have rabies, you will need to undergo a series of painful medical vaccinations and interventions.

Ask if the dog has been vaccinated

If the dog’s owner is present, find out if the dog is up to date on all vaccinations, especially rabies. If possible, contact the animal’s veterinarian to be certain of its vaccination status. 

Gather the names, phone numbers, and any other information of the owner

This will help you to report the incident to the authorities and follow up with the dog owner after the attack has occurred.

Gather the names, phone numbers, and statements of any witnesses

While not always necessary, eyewitness accounts can be extraordinarily helpful in establishing your case in a personal injury dog bite lawsuit.

Report the accident to local authorities

Getting the authorities involved helps hold the owner accountable for the accident and can provide evidence for a dog bite claim. Additionally, reporting a potentially “Dangerous Dog” will help to establish a record for any future injuries or attacks by this same dog.


Steps to take if your dog bites someone:

If your dog bites someone, there are a few steps you will need to take in order to respond quickly and respectfully to the situation. 

Stay calm and act quickly

Do not try to attack, chase, or shout at your dog’s victim. Do your best to act quickly by calmly securing your dog away from anyone inside your home or behind a closed fence before checking on the victim.

Attend to the victim

Once your dog is put away, you can carefully approach the victim to see if they are in need of any help or medical attention. If the victim is comfortable, you can help administer first aid while waiting for the authorities to respond. 

Call the authorities

Contact the authorities quickly to respond to the legal and medical situation at hand. 


Comply with requests from authorities. Be prepared to provide any information about your dog’s vaccination status and attack history.

Take your dog to the vet

If you are worried your dog might have incurred any injuries from a dog bite accident, you may want to take it to the vet. Sometimes a victim might kick or punch a dog in self-defense if attacked which can injure the dog. You can also obtain official medical records from your vet. This will be helpful if the authorities or victim ask for pet’s vaccination records. 

Speaking with an Attorney

If you or someone you know has been bitten or injured by a dog, consider speaking to an experienced personal injury attorney. By taking action quickly, you can learn about what local laws apply to your situation and how you can seek reimbursement for your injuries, pain, and suffering.

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