On March 13th, Breonna Taylor was killed in her apartment during a “knock and announce” raid by the Louisville Metro Police. According to police, Breonna Taylor had connections to drug and gun crimes that had been happening in the area, although the inspection of her apartment after the raid showed no evidence of any illegal drugs nor guns. The case remained relatively quiet until May, when Breonna’s family’s continuous plea for her justice was heard across America and the Black Lives Matter movement helped to make the case publicly known.

Since May, celebrities, professional athletes, and national organizations have used media platforms to shed light on the racial injustice in America, Breonna Taylor becoming the face of the movement. Protests have taken place across the country, demanding justice for Breonna Taylor and for many other black individuals who have been mistreated by police officers without receiving justice. The phrase “Justice for Breonna” became a common cry at protests across the nation, as people joined Breonna’s family in demanding that the police officers responsible for her death be criminally charged.

After months of court hearings, protests, and public outrage, Breonna Taylor’s family was paid $12 million dollars by the local government in September to settle a wrongful death lawsuit brought by her mother. Only one of the police officers has been charged by the Kentucky Attorney General. His charges are for “wanton endangerment” for firing gun shots that hit a neighboring apartment.

Although it is disappointing that no formal charges were brought against the police officers involved in the death of Breonna Taylor, there is hope that the Breonna Taylor case has brought more awareness to the racial injustice experienced by the Black community in the United States. People all across the country are coming together to spread awareness about the racial injustice in their local communities to make lasting change. Are you looking for ways to stay active in your community? Here are some ways that you can.

7 Ways You Can Fight for Justice in Atlanta

People across the nation, of all races, genders, and ages, are looking for ways to help make changes that better protect the Black community from prejudice and police brutality. Protesting in the streets is one way that people can share their support and raise awareness of the issue, but some individuals can’t attend these protests due to health issues, safety concerns, or schedule conflicts.

To stay involved in the fight for justice, consider donating to or volunteering for one of these organizations that are doing a great job locally and nationally to build up the Black community.

Buy Black ATL

This organization has been operating since 2016 to raise money for black owned businesses in the Atlanta area, specifically those that have been affected by COVID-19 and local protests. This group also promotes local black owned businesses and artists to encourage others to buy their services and goods.

Campaign Zero

This national organization is working to end police violence in America by promoting specific strategies for reforming the police force. These strategies include limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability.

Community Movement Builders

As a member-based collective of Black individuals, this group is focused on creating sustainable, self-determining communities. Through cooperative economic advancement and collective community organizing, the group remains rooted in Black love and equity to support the Black community.

National Association of Black Journalists

This association supports Black individuals in the journalism industry and promotes diversity in media. Donations to the association are used for scholarships, supporting individuals who may have been laid off from a journalism job, providing programming and training for journalists, and helping Black journalists advance in their career and education.

Partnership for Southern Equity

This group works to promote and advance policies in various institutions in order to promote racial equity and shared prosperity specifically in Atlanta and the Southern states.

Southern Center for Human Rights

Focusing on the racial injustices of the criminal legal system in the Deep South, the SCHR works for equality, dignity and justice for impacted individuals. The organization focuses specifically fighting for a world free from mass incarceration, the death penalty, the criminalization of poverty, and racial injustice.

Georgia Black United Fund

According to their website, this coalition is “dedicated to enhancing the choices available to members of underserved communities in Georgia.” The coalition is made up of various organizations throughout Georgia, all which share the coalition’s vision.

There are many organizations in the Atlanta area and in the state of Georgia that are doing the important work of supporting the Black community and fighting for justice from the ground up. Change starts in our community. Getting involved with these organizations, or making donations to support their efforts, is a great way to stay involved in the fight for justice.

Finally, the importance of voting in local elections cannot be overstated. Go and vote to decide who in your community will fill the seat of District Attorney or Prosecutor.

If you or someone you know has been affected by an issue of racial injustice, call the Lamar Law Office today for a free consultation with our civil rights attorneys. Our team is ready to hear your story and help you achieve the justice you deserve.