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Atlanta Legal Care YouTube Channel

Our YouTube channel is your best source for answers to a number of Personal Injury and Social Security law topics. Hosted by Attorney Anita Lamar, the channel is an excellent resource for those who are discerning their legal matter and the best actions to take.

Why should I hire a personal injury attorney?

Your Legal Questions, Answered.

How long does it take to settle a personal injury claim?

What steps do I need to take after a car accident?

What is a wrongful death claim?

How long after an accident do I have to contact a lawyer?

What is the Social Security Disability appeals process like?
We answer all of these questions and more on our YouTube channel.


Modern Black History Makers

Black History Month is dedicated to remembering and honoring people and events that have made positive impacts on the rights and privileges of black individuals

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Legal Terms Glossary

In our blog posts and across our website, you will notice links to legal terms like personal injury, plaintiff and more. This is because the Lamar Law Office team has compiled a glossary of over 175 legal terms for our clients’ benefit. If you ever come across a term you don’t quite understand, an explanation is just a click away. If you’d like to familiarize yourself with legal terminology, you can access our full glossary below.

Lamar Law Office Blog

Lamar Law Office is proud to introduce our blog. Updated weekly, our blog features answers to common legal questions, legal news, and inspiring historical accounts. 

Our monthly newsletter, Cause of Action, is also published to the blog. 

The Lamar Law Office blog is a part of the We Care difference: More than legal service, we care. If you come across a blog post that inspires specific questions about your legal matter, please contact Lamar Law Office directly for a free consultation.

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Georgia Resources​

Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

Founded in 1956, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA) is dedicated to strengthening and upholding Georgia’s civil justice system and protecting the rights of Georgia citizens and consumers. 

GTLA works in the legislative, political, and media arenas to ensure that Georgians know and understand the importance of civil rights and justice and to make certain that these rights are safeguarded.

State Bar of Georgia

The State Bar of Georgia has an extensive list of legal resources on topics including taxes, insurance, real estate, and more. Need to find an accredited lawyer for your legal matter? Search Georgia’s lawyers using their lawyer directory.

Other Legal Resources​