Hiring an attorney after an auto accident is a very serious and personal decision. After a car accident, you might be facing injuries, insurance fees and claims, and car repairs. Additionally, many victims of car accidents experience loss of income when taking days off to recover and manage the fallout of an auto accident. This situation can become very difficult to manage and will likely require an experienced attorney. 

You might need an attorney after an auto accident if:

You are injured 

If you have been injured in a car accident, you are likely facing many medical bills and the process of making health insurance claims. These bills can be extremely costly and distressing. Health insurance companies are typically for-profit companies whose ultimate goal is their financial well-being, not yours. Fighting a health insurance company to pay for your medical bills is exhausting and frustrating, even if you know the right questions to ask and words to say. If you hire an experienced personal injury attorney, they can fight this fight for you and leave you to manage your main priority: resting and recovering from your injuries.

Your Auto insurance company is not willing to fairly repair or replace your damaged vehicle 

After an auto accident, your vehicle will likely need costly repairs or even replacement to get you safely back on the road again. It can be very difficult to receive a fair amount from insurance companies to cover these costs.  Similar to health insurance, auto insurance companies are also for-profit companies that want to send you away with the least amount of money possible. These companies have very large budgets to fight claims and hire attorneys. If you are having trouble with your auto insurance claim, hiring an attorney will help. Ideally, you call an attorney before you ever speak to your insurance company. A car accident attorney is familiar with fighting these insurance companies and can help you receive compensation for your damaged vehicle. 

You are not being compensated for lost wages

When an auto accident results in injury, many people will need to take off work to visit doctors, undergo surgeries, rest at home, and recover from PTSD and other serious side effects. Some employers are guilty of withholding pay or benefits while an employee is recovering from an auto accident. If you are experiencing this kind of situation, an employment attorney can be your advocate. While Lamar Law Office does not practice employment law, we are able to refer you to experienced, trusted colleagues in the Atlanta area.

You are not at fault

If you are not at fault for your car accident you may want to hire an attorney to help you prove it to the car insurance companies and the court. An attorney will deliver evidence and use the law to demonstrate that you are not at fault and should be compensated accordingly. 

The other driver is uninsured

If the other driver is uninsured, you might be at a very high risk of not receiving compensation for injuries and damages after an accident. Whether or not you live in a no-fault state, you will likely need to fight car insurance companies to repair or replace your vehicle. Georgia is an at-fault state which means that when a vehicle crash occurs, fault is assigned to one of the drivers by the officer. The at-fault driver is responsible for compensating the other driver. You can read more about this very complicated issue here.

You are struggling with your mental health after the accident

Even after you have recovered from your physical injuries, mental health struggles can still persist after an accident. Sometimes these conditions result from physical injuries, like brain damage, and other times they result from the traumatic experience of a car accident. Even minor auto accidents can cause a victim to become fearful and anxious, especially on the road. Many victims of car accidents need compensation to pay for recovery days and counseling/therapy appointments in order to recover from a traumatic experience fully.  

What can an attorney do for me after a car accident?

After a car accident, an attorney can do a number of things to help as you recover:

Advocate for your best result

The right attorney will be your champion and best advocate when it comes to seeking the best outcome after your accident. Your attorney should fight for your story to be heard and for you to receive fair compensation for your losses. 

Know the law

An experienced personal injury attorney is well-versed with the laws surrounding your unique accident situation. An attorney can advise you on your rights and help you file a lawsuit to seek justice after your accident. 

Help with your car and health insurance claims

Fighting insurance companies can be very tricky and frustrating. Your attorney will know the right way to approach these companies and do the legwork so you don’t have to. Allowing a professional to help navigate your case will help you achieve the best outcome possible. 

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