Ads are already in circulation promoting a variety of upcoming Black Friday shopping deals throughout corporate businesses and local ones. Depending on the deals within, some stores can experience significant lines and crowds of people determined to snag the best sales possible. 

It is the responsibility of the store to ensure they can properly accommodate the significantly increased flow of customers who enter the business on Black Friday. If you visit a store that is improperly maintained, you could trip and fall, which could result in injury. The last thing you want to do during the holiday season is recover from an injury. If you’ve been injured, you may be entitled to compensation. It is important to work with a law firm such as Lamar Law Office, LLC to get the professional support you need when seeking compensation for a slip-and-fall injury.  

Understanding Premise Liability 

In Georgia, a property owner has a responsibility in maintaining both the interior and exterior of the property to ensure the safety of employees and guests. A slip-and-fall accident falls under the legal umbrella of premise liability. If a person becomes injured on another person’s property due to a level of negligence, the property owner can be found liable for the accident and resulting injuries. 

An injury alone is not enough to assume the fault lies with the property owner. These cases can be complex and are determined based on several different factors. Some of the most needed elements include:

  • Knowledge. It is often required to establish that the property owner knew or should have known of the hazardous condition that led to the injury.
  • Owed duty. It should be clear that the owner was responsible for keeping the property safe and hazard-free. 
  • Clear hazard. There needs to be a dangerous condition, such as a broken handrail, faulty stairs, potholes, liquid spills, inadequate lighting, blocked walkways, and other potential risk factors. 
  • Damages. If you fell and weren’t injured, you likely won’t be able to file a claim to seek damages. There needs to be clear damages or injuries that are a direct result of the accident. 

When a retail store takes part in Black Friday deals, they have the responsibility of ensuring their property can adequately protect and care for the number of patrons entering the building. In Georgia, it is the property owner’s duty of care to keep invitees to their business protected. An invitee is anyone who is welcomed onto the property for shopping, dining, or other activities. 

It is the property owner’s responsibility to make sure the store is safe, including ensuring walkways are clear, displays or shelves are properly anchored, and that there are no presented hazards. If you do find yourself injured during Black Friday shopping, you may be able to seek compensation due to premise liability. 

Building Your Slip-and-Fall Accident Case

You must establish as many elements as possible when seeking a premise liability case. Slipping and falling on a property isn’t enough. Since you are an invitee shopping the advertised Black Friday deals, it is safe to establish that there was a duty of care that should have been provided. You also need to be certain you can establish that there was a hazardous condition that the property owner was aware of or should have known about. This could include knowing that the floor was wet, the carpeting was loose, there was ice outside of the store’s doors, or displays or shelves were improperly anchored or placed. 

With Black Friday shopping, a property owner must anticipate several conditions that could impact the safety of their patrons. 

Seek Legal Assistance

Establishing premise liability in a slip-and-fall case requires extensive knowledge of the evidence needed. This is why it is important to turn to a legal firm that has experience in this form of personal injury law. At Lamar Law Office, LLC we can help you gather the evidence you need and pursue your claim.