What to Do if the Police Don’t Respond to Your Car Accident

Nobody likes to be in a car crash, but if you live in Atlanta, you might not even get police support! In the hustle and bustle of Atlanta traffic, car accidents are unfortunately common. So common, in fact, that police officers do not necessarily have the time or resources to respond to every single accident.

Atlanta police announced that they would not be responding to accidents that didn’t involve injuries to passengers/onlookers. After backlash, they revised their decision and said that they would respond if the victims demanded help. However, the response has been low ever since then, and sometimes, they don’t even show up.

There are two major reasons why the police have made this decision. Mainly, traffic accidents are considered routine and often less urgent than other matters. The police have many urgent issues to attend to daily, and responding to every minor collision is a drain on resources.

The COVID-19 pandemic is to blame as well. If the police officers get COVID, they might infect the entire team and disrupt the entire department’s efficiency.

So, where does that leave you? If you’re in a crash and police fail to respond, here’s what you must do:

Call 911 instead

If you are involved in a motor vehicle crash with injuries or any property damage, it’s imperative to call 911. Primary responders could help deliver immediate medical attention and any additional support you need. Regardless of whether or not the police show up at the scene, they’ll still document that you reported the accident, which can function as a significant piece of evidence in your car accident case.

Get crucial information

If you’re not injured and can function normally, get your insurance card, driver’s license, and phone. Then, talk to the other driver and exchange information. You should avoid discussing fault and focus on exchanging insurance information.

Please make sure to write down their car type, color, number plate, and your notes about the series of events of the accident

Start clicking pictures

Everybody today has a cell phone, and the odds are that you’ll also have one if you’re in your car. When police respond to a crash site, they always document it with photographs which can be used as evidence in any future legal proceedings.

Keep taking loads of pictures from every angle you find. Whether it is a scrunched-up hood, a broken window, a flattened tire, or a broken bumper, make sure you have it all in your gallery.

You might also want to consider taking photos of any injury that you have sustained. Even if it’s a tiny scratch, you need to show it as proof that you were injured at the time of the crash.

Seek medical attention at Urgent Care or the Emergency Room

Typically it is recommended that you go to the emergency room if you’re in a car crash. If you need emergency medical care, then call 911. On the way to the hospital, contact the hospital that you’re going to and inform them that you’re on your way, that you were in a car accident, and that you have sustained certain injuries or feel a certain way.

If you feel fine and have no apparent signs of injury, you should go to an urgent care center. Urgent care centers are frequently prepared to handle the identical issues that individuals go to the hospital emergency for. For instance, even something as severe as a broken bone can be managed at your resident Urgent Care Center.

However, if they break or fracture is so severe that the emergency medical service providers can’t manage it, you may be referred to a specialist.

Fill out Form SR-13

Click to download Fulton County’s Accident Report form SR-13.

Report the accident to your insurance company

You should report the accident to your insurance company within a day or so.

Immediately contact Lamar Law Office

It’s essential to get in touch with a skilled car accident lawyer immediately after a wreck in Atlanta. Insurers have previously confessed that they don’t consider accident reports as legitimate as police documentation, which means insurance corporations might take advantage of current proceedings by the Atlanta PD and reduce damage payments.

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