Atlanta is surrounded by major highways, which increases the likelihood of highway accidents. Drivers need to know what to do if they get into a car accident on I-285, I-85, GA 400, or any of the other freeways encircling metro Atlanta. For those who travel these roadways frequently, knowing what to do after an accident is important for staying safe and getting the proper legal help with these claims. 

What to Do After Getting into a Highway Accident

Unlike street accidents, highway accidents can cause major roadway blockages, resulting in massive delays and possible fatalities. Although the lack of pedestrians lowers the risk of pedestrian-related accidents, the increase in trucks and motorcycles can be exceedingly dangerous. The steps anyone should take after getting involved in a highway accident include the following: 

  • Moving cars: Moving an automobile may be necessary if involved in a minor collision, and it is obstructing traffic. Look at the car’s condition and the party at fault. Transferring the vehicle to a safe location is better if the at-fault driver is prominent and the car is not totaled. The shoulder, a parking area, or a designated safe zone on a highway are examples of safe spaces, as well as a rest stop or median area. Inattentive drivers may approach the accident area after they leave their car in the travel lane, leading to a second or third collision.
  • Speak with any other drivers involved: Exchanging insurance information with all other drivers involved in a crash is necessary to settle disputes about the accident. When it comes to car accidents, Georgia is an at-fault state; therefore, whichever driver is determined to be at blame is instantly at fault. Unless there are serious injuries involved in an incident that requires intense medical attention, making sure this information exchange is done is crucial for any accident claims. 
  • Document the scene: It can be useful to take pictures of the automobiles involved indicating their specific positions on the road and each vehicle’s point or points of impact when they came to a stop after the collision but before being moved if it is safe to do so. Even though these images can support a claim of fault, fault is always only a secondary concern; safety is always the most crucial factor. Anything that could result in harm must be kept away from.
  • Speak with an attorney: Accidents involving two or more cars are very different from those involving pedestrians and motor vehicles. It may be one of the rare instances where a person does not require the services of an accident lawyer if a car strikes a pedestrian at such a modest speed that the pedestrian is hardly touched and is not even pushed down. Most times, though, a pedestrian is struck by a car or truck and sustains serious physical injuries. In these situations, the injured person may spend weeks or months in an intensive care unit or a body cast.

Highway accidents are considerably more dangerous than regular roadway accidents. The risk factors that increase this dangerousness range from increased speeds to more prevalent larger vehicles like trucks that can cause major damage. Being alert of one’s surroundings, as well as following all posted traffic rules and regulations, is the best way to stay safe and avoid any major accident on Atlanta’s complex network of surrounding highways. 

Beginning the Legal Process for Highway Accidents

Being in a car accident on the highway is stressful, and the nearby roadways to Atlanta are no exception. To adequately assess these accidents, a personal injury attorney must be contacted. Any incident involving a highway collision can be evaluated by our team of attorneys at Lamar Law Office, and we can help you get a fair settlement. For more information, including a detailed description of our practice areas, visit our website and get in contact with us.