Car accidents can be emotionally traumatic experiences, and you need to take care of yourself after experiencing one. Whether your injury is physical or mental, it’s important to take care of your body and your mental health. Physical injuries cause obvious long-lasting effects if not properly treated, but your mental health after a car accident is equally essential for the same reason. Here are some steps to take to recover from a car accident.


Letting your body rest is critical for your well-being. When you suffer physical injuries like muscle strains and broken or fractured bones, rest will be prescribed to you by medical professionals. However, even when you have no physical injuries, your body still suffered the impact of the crash. Eventually, the effects of the accident, such as soreness, will catch up to you, and you can limit the severity by resting.

Sleep is also important to promote the body’s healing, and trying to do too much too quickly after your accident could lead to straining or worsening your physical and mental injuries. Every person’s recovery time is unique, so take the time you need.

Follow Your Medical Treatment

If you received a treatment plan from a physical therapist or your doctor, follow that plan. That includes taking rest and medication, and attending physical therapy and follow-up appointments as instructed. This will provide you the time and ability for your body to recover.

Physical Therapy and Exercise

Working with a physical therapist may be a part of your treatment plan. It’s important to follow daily stretching and movement instructions. Though rest is essential to healing, stretching slowly and moving your body can prevent your body from losing strength and flexibility. While this exercise is important, be sure to not push your limits. If a stretch or exercise becomes painful, listen to your body and stop.

Getting a massage from a professional who is adept in accident recovery may be useful as well. A massage can help heal the muscles in your neck and back and lessen the impact of other conditions like whiplash.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Right

For your body to heal, it needs healthy food with the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Drinking water also helps promote your body’s healing and your mental well-being. These simple actions can make your recovery faster and easier.

Pain Management

It’s never wise to believe you can power through pain. Be sure to take the correct dose of any prescribed pain medication, and use ice or heat compresses as needed depending on the nature of your injury. If you feel that your pain is still too much, talk with your healthcare provider.

Counseling and Therapy

A car accident is a mentally and emotionally traumatizing event. Talking with a supportive person in your life can help you mentally recover. If you find yourself unable to think about things other than the accident, don’t be afraid to seek counseling, too.

Track Your Progress

Writing about the event you went through can be useful and so can tracking your symptoms and your progress after the event. Tracking your injuries provides helpful medical details as symptoms of injuries can often be delayed. Traumatic brain injuries, for example, can have delayed but very serious symptoms and need to be addressed as soon as they are noticed. Keep your healthcare provider informed about changes in your health. 

Also, tracking your healing and progress can show you positive changes since the accident, especially if your injuries were severe. Seeing that positive progress can help you mentally move forward after the accident.

Giving Yourself Time to Relax

After a car accident in Atlanta, stress can come in the form of insurance claims, dealing with medical costs, and lost income. A personal injury attorney can handle insurance claims on your behalf, fight for the compensation you deserve, and let you recover from your injuries. Contact Lamar Law Office, LLC today if you need legal counsel for your car accident claim.