Why are pedestrian accidents so common?

Pedestrian accidents in Atlanta are more common than most people think. The busy city of Atlanta is busy with traffic and transit vehicles. Over the years, the city has made great efforts to encourage more environmentally friendly forms of transportation by creating bicycle lanes and more ways for people to get around on foot.

Unfortunately, this means that it can be dangerous for individuals to walk around the city of Atlanta as many vehicles are not cautious of pedestrians both on the sidewalks and crossing the streets. Hundreds of people die every year in Atlanta in pedestrian accidents, and many others suffer serious injuries and property damage. Many of these pedestrian-motor vehicle accidents in Atlanta could have been avoided if both the pedestrians and drivers acted with more caution.

According to the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety, pedestrian deaths in Georgia have increased by 60 percent over the last five years. Many of these accidents are caused by the unsafe use of mobile devices between both pedestrians and drivers. Instead of staying aware of where they are walking and crossing the street, many pedestrians are too busy checking messages and directions on their phones. Being too focused on their mobile devices can cause pedestrians to cross streets without checking to see if a car is coming, or even trip and fall into a busy street or intersection.

Phones are not the only reason why many pedestrians are seriously injured in pedestrian accidents in Atlanta. One of the top causes of Atlanta pedestrian accidents is the failure of pedestrians to yield to the right of way. Without realizing vehicles have the right of way in an intersection, many individuals enter the intersection and find themselves in a dangerous situation. Other common causes for pedestrian accidents in Atlanta include:

  • The pedestrian is not visible to vehicles due to wearing dark clothing or because of poor lighting in the street.
  • The pedestrian crosses the street in an area not designated as a pedestrian crosswalk.
  • The pedestrian is standing or loitering in a road or intersection.
  • The pedestrian is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • The pedestrian runs into the road without caution.

So how can pedestrians stay safe on the roads in Atlanta?

  1. Always walk on the sidewalk as far away from the road as possible.
  2. Stop before crossing the street to check for oncoming traffic or any possible dangers. Check to see if cars have the right of way, and always assume an oncoming vehicle can’t see you.
  3. When walking at night, wear bright-colored clothing and only cross the road in areas that are illuminated. When walking during the day, make sure you are visible to drivers before entering an intersection by not waiting behind an object that could obstruct a driver’s ability to see you.
  4. Be patient. It’s always better to wait and cross an intersection with caution than to cross the road in a hurry and be injured. Take your time before crossing the street to make sure you are safe.
  5. Do not loiter near the street.
  6. If you have been drinking, don’t walk alone. Make sure you are with someone you trust who can keep you safe.

As Spring brings warmer weather, the sidewalks of Atlanta will be filled with pedestrians enjoying a sunny day. As we’ve seen in the last week, Spring flowers don’t come without showers! On the rainy sidewalks of Atlanta, take caution, and don’t get caught slippin’ if you plan to walk around the city. Stay focused on where you are going and put away your phone. Always cross the road at a clearly marked intersection after checking the road for oncoming traffic.

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