Driving on any highway requires being alert, focused, and aware of other drivers at all times. In Atlanta, highway I-285 is notorious for being dangerous for motorists, leading to frequent and serious accidents. Understanding why this highway is so dangerous, as well as what can be done to prevent any major collisions, can be critical for keeping anyone driving on I-285 safe. 

Why Is 1-285 So Dangerous? 

Many people must use the freeway every day to get wherever they need to go due to the city’s congested inner-city roadways and inadequate public transportation infrastructure. Suburban areas around the highway contribute to a mass influx of commuter traffic, which can cause road congestion. Many motorists may need more preparation for the difficulties of the road and construction as they attempt to navigate the city. Additionally, it is close to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, the busiest commercial airport in the world. Big rig truckers are trying to navigate the city, not just drive through it, like tourists or travelers on their way to the airport. It is more unsafe for everyone when there are many trucks on the road.

For various reasons, I-285 is regarded as unsafe by traffic experts and commuters. Due to the interstate’s extensive network of tight bends and exit ramps, poor signage and lighting frequently prevent drivers from recognizing sharp turns before it’s too late. The intersection of I-285 and I-20 on the interstate loop is one of its more challenging sections. This intersection is risky because of its challenging curves and the high number of people driving faster than the posted speed limit. The I-285 and I-75 intersection, where more than 40 accidents have happened, is another difficult section of the highway. A disaster is inevitable when this many people are utilizing the road at once, using technology while driving, which causes distractions, and ongoing roadwork.

How To Avoid Major Accidents On The Highway

I-285 cannot be avoided for most Atlantans, despite any efforts to avoid the frequently congested road. It is possible to avoid a traffic collision if driving on I-285 or any other route in Atlanta by abstaining from any risky or unsafe driving habits, with some of the biggest problems according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) including the following:

  • Avoid substance use: Distracted driving can come from the use of any chemical. Alcohol affects depth perception, slows down reaction times, and impairs judgment. Driving when intoxicated is dangerous. Even prescription medications have adverse effects that can be hazardous when driving. If taking prescription medications, make sure to avoid driving when the prescribed medication causes drowsiness.
  • Stay focused: Accidents can also be brought on by distracted driving unrelated to substance use. The NHTSA estimates that reading a text requires looking away from the road for around five seconds. This lack of concentration on the road 
  • Follow all safety guidelines: Speed limits and seatbelts were imposed to keep drivers safe, and using these safety measures at all times behind the wheel is the best way to stay safe. Before driving, buckle up, then once on the road, pay attention to speed limits and road signs. 

Although predicting the actions of other drivers, sticking to the rules of the road is the best way to keep one’s self safe. 

Seeking Representation for I-285 Accidents

Being involved in a car collision on the highway is stressful, especially on a notoriously hazardous road like I-2285. A personal injury lawyer must be consulted to properly evaluate these accidents. Our team of lawyers at Lamar Law Office, LLC can assess any case involving a traffic accident and assist in obtaining a just payment. Visit our website and get in touch with us for further details, including a comprehensive list of our practice areas.