Even minor injuries can become life-threatening without treatment. Because they can happen out of a seemingly ordinary situation, the victim could have no preparation or knowledge. Learning more about these injuries and causes can help save a life. It can also help you if you’re planning to hold someone accountable in court.

Common Life-Threatening Injuries & Their Causes

Life-Threatening Allergies Commonly Occur During Medical Malpractice

Allergic reactions can cause discomfort and pain. In the worst-case scenario, they become a severe life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. It can be fatal — though you can identify it and treat it right away to prevent it from escalating. The most common causes for anaphylaxis are allergies inherent to the individual.

Food is one of the most common causes of anaphylaxis. A reaction happens when someone isn’t aware of the allergen’s presence. It also happens a lot with insect bites like bee stings and mosquitos. An issue that we often encounter is a reaction caused by an error in judgment.

It mostly happens in the medical field. When doctors make a bad judgment or fail to check for allergic reactions, it can be fatal. Many medical malpractice cases occur because the professionals involved triggered anaphylaxis during treatment. If anaphylaxis was due to another person’s error in judgment, contact Lamar Law Office. We can hold the doctors and health organizations responsible for their actions. Learn more about medical malpractice legal help here

Life-Threatening Bleeding Is Common Among Many Personal Injury Cases, Including Car Accidents

Blood is the life source of our body and the reason it functions. Without it, our organs will die from the lack of oxygen and other nutrients. You’ll want to close wounds right away to avoid blood loss that could lead to fatalities.

Severe bleeding often happens after an accident. Car accidents can cause lacerations, wounds, and crushing injuries because of the intensity of these events. With high speeds and large metal vehicles moving around, it’s almost impossible to avoid a wound. If you have been in a car accident and received an injury, car accident lawyers can help you navigate the next steps to take. Learn more about car accident legal assistance with the team who cares: car accident attorneys.

Gunshot wounds can also cause severe bleeding. It can happen when someone authorized is on official duty or during a crime. There are also many accidents attributed to guns. 

Another common cause for bleeding we’ve encountered is from dog bites. When dogs get serious, they can bite with strength. Their sharp teeth can cause punctures and lacerations. Often wounds are only a part of a severe injury that needs immediate medical attention.

If you become a part of any accident that causes severe bleeding, there is another at fault. The same goes for dog bites, as owners have a responsibility for their pets. When these things happen, you’ll need legal help to ensure that you have the financial compensation to address the costs for treatment. 

Airway Blockage Can Be a Common Occurrence in Slip and Fall Injuries

Blocked airways can also happen when you don’t expect them. You can choke on food or have something trigger an asthma attack. We’ve even encountered people who choked on gum after they slipped and fell at a public place. Public places can also gather dust and mold, which can restrict breathing.

These events often happen in public. When it does, you should know that property owners are responsible for the safety of their guests. It can cause injuries and even fatalities. If you slipped or choked because of another party, you can contact Lamar Law for legal help. Learn more about slip and fall legal aid with Lamar Law Office here

How To Identify Symptoms and Severity

While these are common and dangerous scenarios, they are also easy to spot. If you know the symptoms for each case, you can act before the injury can get worse.

For anaphylaxis, you’ll see the symptoms right away. They’ll often notice that they have a swollen tongue or throat. It will also trigger skin reactions like hives, and it will be difficult for them to move around because of dizziness. Their blood pressure will also lower or become hyperactive.

Blood should be noticeable unless it is in a heavily covered part of the body. You’ll notice it right away. You’ll see a loss of color to the face as the body begins prioritizing vital organs to survive. In extreme cases, a person can go into shock because of blood loss.

Symptoms associated with choking and air restriction are also noticeable. Victims will have a tight chest or shortness of breath. They may be unable to speak and are trying to gasp for air. They’ll also feel dizzy, and their heart rate will start to increase or decrease rapidly.

Tips To Manage These Life-Threatening Events

When you encounter any of these scenarios, you’ll want to call 911 and request an ambulance as soon as possible. The faster you can get medical help, the better the chances of survival. Have a first aid kit ready around the house and when you’re traveling as a precaution.

If you’re with seniors, they may not be able to communicate the problem right away. You can buy a medical alert accessory that monitors their heart rate and other vital signs.

Knowledge of first aid becomes essential in many of these scenarios. It can be the difference between life and death. If you have food allergies, always check the labels of what you are eating. You may also want to ask about specific ingredients with a restaurant’s food to avoid an allergic reaction. In the worst-case scenario, having epinephrine ready for use will help alleviate anaphylaxis.

For severe bleeding, you’ll want to try and stem the bleeding by applying bandages to the wound. Applying direct pressure can also prevent blood from flowing out. Do not try to dig out any object from the wound, apply a tourniquet, or remove any bandages; instead, continue to apply bandages on top of the used ones.

One thing a victim can do is to raise the afflicted area above the heart to slow down blood flow. They can do this while lying down, so it’s easier for them.

Those with asthma should always have inhalers ready. If you or your companion chokes, then try to cough it out. If it doesn’t work, smacking the victim’s back can dislodge the food or object blocking the airway. It can often resolve the issue without the need for any professional medical attention.

Free and Accessible Online Courses To Handle Life-Threatening Emergencies

You don’t have to spend money to learn something that can potentially save someone’s life. There are many free resources out there, and here are some of the ones we recommend:

First Aid

Knowing first aid will help you against a broad spectrum of issues you may encounter. The knowledge you gain here can be the difference between a minor injury and a long-term disability. You’ll know what to do when someone is bleeding out or if they’ve encountered an infection. It will help prepare you against burns, heart attacks, and other emergencies.

First Aid For Free offers a free basic course. It covers what you need to do when a victim is unconscious, bleeding, or afflicted with burns. Each topic has a module that has a quiz to test your knowledge. After you finish the course, you can take the advanced course, which builds upon it further.

The American AED CPR Association also has a free online first aid class. It covers all the basics, from medical emergencies to injuries and environmental hazards. You’ll know how to help a victim, how to contact EMS and prevent any further damage to an injury. They’ve even adjusted the course to include COVID-19 precautions.

Anaphylaxis (Allergic Reactions)

The Anaphylaxis Awareness course by First Aid for Free will help you understand how these allergic reactions trigger. You’ll know how to set up your environment to lessen triggers and make it easy for you to spot the signs when it happens. You’ll also learn how to inject epinephrine or adrenaline when you need it. Completing the modules will help you land a certificate of completion.


The organization Stop the Bleed has scheduled virtual courses apart from their physical ones. You can learn how to stop different kinds of wounds here. Find a schedule you are comfortable with, and learn at your own pace.

Airway Blockage & Restricted Breathing

The Heimlich Maneuver is one of the most effective methods against airway blockage. The American AED CPR Association has a course that teaches you the proper technique. It is a move that uses the residual air in the lungs to propel any blocking foreign objects out of the airways.

Another course you may want to take is CPR. CPR teaches you everything you need to know if a victim enters cardiac arrest. When this happens, you’ll need to know how to provide the body with oxygen to boost the organs back to life.

Knowledge Is Power

The priority is always to help a victim during an emergency. Knowing a few handy things that can save a person’s life will make all the difference. Then, if you want to pursue compensation for the harm and suffering other parties caused you, consult with Lamar Law Office. We have the experience needed to get you justice.