Kevin Hart is currently recovering from a spinal fusion procedure following a car accident that left him hospitalized earlier this month.

The comedian and two others were riding in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, when the driver Jarred Black, reportedly lost control of the vehicle in Malibu Hills. According to multiple news sources, the car veered off the highway into a ditch on the side of the road, crushing the roof and trapping both the driver and third passenger, Rebecca Broxterman inside.

At the time of the accident, Hart was able to have a member transport him from the scene of the crash to get immediate medical attention for “back injuries,” which was later reported to be a spinal fracture.

Many questions have been raised about the cause of the accident, and all three parties involved are allegedly looking to pinpoint who is legally at-fault. Authorities have determined that Black was not driving under the influence. But, investigation has revealed that Hart’s Plymouth Barracuda lacked safety features such as airbags and safety harnesses.

Apparently, Hart chose to maintain the authenticity of the vehicle by not having the modern safety features installed and both Broxterman and Black, who also suffered injuries from the accident have hired legal representation and are looking to hold the actor responsible for his “act of negligence.” According to Fox News, the body shop who customized Hart’s car, could also be listed in the claim, due to the fact that they did the job, without encouraging Hart to install the safety features.

Hart is currently undergoing intense physical therapy. As the investigation continues, Hart’s wife Eniko took to social media to reassure fans and supporters that the Night School actor was “going to be just fine.”

Hart, a self-proclaimed “muscle car lover” purchased the vehicle back in July for his 40th birthday.