Supporting female-run businesses can be done anytime, but during women’s history month, it’s even more important to give these businesses your support. From in-person shopping to finding new favorites to visit online, taking the time to discover women-owned businesses can be a great way to celebrate International Women’s Day on March 8th. However, knowing how to incorporate female-run businesses into your shopping routines is the perfect way to celebrate throughout the entire month of March and the rest of the year as well. 

How to Harness Your Purchasing Power

Your purchasing power is known as the capacity for making decisions that reflect your views and beliefs or advancing a good cause or issue by deciding where to spend your money. How you spend your money matters, so directing your business toward women-owned companies can help encourage and support these companies to become prospering businesses. 

In the United States, about 42% of businesses across all sectors are women-owned, meaning that the market is still unevenly split between men and women. Combining this divide, women’s history month, and knowing the extent of your purchasing power, you can effectively start supporting women-owned businesses. Once you are ready to harness your purchasing power, take these steps to put this power into action. 

  1. Research Women-Owned Businesses

In the digital age, the ability to find women-owned companies is at the touch of your fingertips. Social networking is an excellent place to start learning more about women-owned local companies from friends or other local businesses you frequent. 

Connect with female founders and company owners on social media by using hashtags like #womenownedbusiness and #womenowned. Yelp also enables you to look for women-owned companies by entering “Women Owned” and your location into the search bar, displaying a filtered list of shops in your neighborhood that are certified as women-owned. 

  1. Promote Women-Owned Businesses to Friends and Family

Following and promoting a business on social media is a great way to show your support. Include a business owner or the name of their business in your post to assist them in attracting new customers. Hashtags such as #BuyWomenOwned raise awareness of these causes and help connect other potential buyers to the business.

Not every business owner has access to the same social networking skills or following. Therefore, utilizing your influence to support women-owned businesses, especially in your local community, can start with social media. You can raise a business’s profile and attract customers who might not have otherwise known about it.

  1. Change Your Routines

Routines are one of the best ways to stay on top of your daily commute or work schedule, but sometimes, a break in those routines to support local women-owned businesses can help you find new favorites and stops to include. If you typically buy coffee as part of your morning commute, try choosing a woman-owned coffee shop instead of your usual cafe. 

The same logic applies to things like trying restaurants for dining out or takeout. If you choose to get takeout, instead of ordering from a restaurant you have been to before, find a women-owned restaurant near you that offers takeout. In any scenario, be sure to leave a good tip!

 Supporting Women in Every Aspect of Life

Women-owned businesses are in every sector. From healthcare to food service and retail, women-owned and led businesses are everywhere, giving you ample options to support them. Depending on what services you need, be sure to look for a woman-led company, business, or firm that can help you find the services you require. 

At Lamar Law Office, our firm is woman-led, and a majority of our staff are women. We are proudly Black-owned and woman-owned, helping uplift the female legal professionals of Atlanta year-round. For help with your personal injury claim, contact us and schedule a consultation with our team today.