Black History Month is important for many reasons. One benefit is the opportunity to assess how and where you spend your money. Where you spend your money and who benefits is important, which is why consciously spending your money at businesses and with people that you support is so important. Your finances can act as a kind of vote, helping to ensure security for businesses that you are passionate about. Rather than spending your money at corporate restaurants, stores, and businesses, consider using your financial “vote” at a Black-owned business.

February 13th is Black Love Day. Ayo Handy-Kendi created this day to focus on specific types of love. These categories include the following:

  • Love for the Creator

  • Love for yourself

  • Love for your family

  • Love your community.

  • Love for the Black Race

On this day during Black History month, one of the easiest things you can do to support several of these categories is to spend money at a Black business. Small, Black-owned businesses help communities to thrive, provide vital services, and offer resources that cannot be found anywhere else. They are integral to the survival of our economy and culture and deserve extra patronage, especially on this holiday.

Black Owned Business to Consider

Researching Black-owned businesses in your community is easy to do. However, if you are stuck for ideas, there are many Black-owned businesses that operate nationally or internationally. Making a switch to one of these businesses can make a significant difference.

The Storygraph

For those who use Goodreads, consider making a switch to The Storygraph. This book app and website provide readers with the opportunity to discuss books, log their progress, and get feedback about their reading habits. Founded and owned by Nadia Odunayo, this is a great Black-owned alternative resource to Amazon-owned Goodreads.

Partake Foods

Allergy-friendly foods are more necessary than ever, so why not use a Black-owned brand? Denise Woodard founded Partake to spread recipes for people like her daughter, who had common food allergies. Free of the top nine most common allergens, this line of cookies, waffle mix, pizza dough, and other baked items provides an essential service from a Black entrepreneur.

BLK MKT Vintage 

Selling vintage collectible items from Black history, BLK MKT Vintage offers a unique insight into the history of daily Black life. With an online shop, in-person events, and key services based in Brooklyn, this store deserves extra perusal during this month of reflecting and appreciating Black history.

Mented Cosmetics

The Mented cosmetics brand is Black founded and owned and provides cosmetics that have been developed with Black skin in mind. Though the company offers a variety of skin tones, it fills an embarrassing void in the cosmetics industry, ensuring that Black people have options when it comes to their beauty regimens.

Mented cosmetics can be found at Target, both online and in stores.

Lamar Law Office, LLC is Black Owned

Black Love Day provides a wonderful opportunity to assess your spending habits and consider where you are casting your vote. However, giving Black-owned companies your business helps to create a sustainable market where there are a variety of perspectives, tactics, and options.

Lamar Law Office, LLC is a great option if you want to patronize Black-owned businesses and need legal counsel. Owned and run by Black women, we provide expert legal care with a unique insight and background. We represent cases in a variety of personal injury claims, as well as civil rights claims and more. No matter your situation, we are here to offer comprehensive legal services to individuals and families in the Atlanta area.

Contact Lamar Law Office, LLC online to learn more.