The dangers of motorcycles are well understood by most drivers. In 2019, the Georgia Department of Driving Services released a report that shows that despite motorcycles making up 2% of the vehicles on the road, they made up 11% of traffic fatalities and 21% of driver fatalities. In the U.S. as a whole, motorcycles are only 3% of all registered vehicles, yet they make up 5% of accidents.

Understanding Motorcycle vs. Car Accidents

The likelihood of a fatal accident on a motorcycle is 30 times greater than in a car. Though vehicles are consistently being made safer, which helps to reduce the number of accidents, careless human behavior still occurs. 

Additionally, the design differences between cars and motorcycles are rather obvious. In the past several decades, cars have been significantly changed and designed to protect the occupants above all else, ensuring the car crumples so that the driver and people inside don’t. Motorcycles, on the other hand, are unable to protect their occupants in the same way simply as a function of their design. Careless human behavior tends to be the main cause of both car and motorcycle accidents, but the resulting injuries from an accident involving a motorcycle can be much worse than in a car.  

Common Causes of Car Accidents vs. Motorcycle Accidents

The most common causes of car accidents are the result of driver errors such as driving under the influence, distracted driving, or speeding. Other common causes are vehicle malfunctions or weather and visibility conditions that are unavoidable and not based on human negligence. 


These same issues also affect motorcycle riders, but there are even more dangers for those on motorcycles. While speeding, distractions, and DUIs are the main causes of accidents and fatalities on motorcycles, other factors like weather and road conditions can also greatly affect a motorcycle’s safe operation. 


Human causes of accidents are why it’s important to look into personal injury attorneys, especially if you ride a motorcycle. Proving fault in an accident to receive damages is difficult, but it’s much easier to accomplish with an attorney by your side. If you drive a motorcycle, you know the increased dangers of doing so and should be prepared in case of an accident that leaves you injured.


Motorcycle accidents are often caused by the lack of visibility of the motorcycles themselves. Cars have a harder time seeing motorcycles, and they are more likely to hit one because of that lack of visibility. 


Another cause of fatalities in motorcycle accidents results from hitting a fixed object, such as a tree or a guard rail. Though some car drivers suffer fatal accidents this way, there are more deaths from motorcycle crashes in this manner. 


The third common motorcycle accident case is that of lane splitting — where the motorcycle rider cuts between rows of traffic. While it is illegal in Georgia for motorcycles to lane split, it creates a higher likelihood of an accident.

Fatality Rates of Motorcycle and Car Accidents

The greatest danger in motorcycles is the clear danger of fatalities. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the fatality of the occupant in motorcycle accidents was nearly six times that of car accidents. For every 100,000 registered cars, there were 10 and half occupant fatalities, when compared to nearly 60 fatalities for every 100,000 registered motorcycles. Unfortunately, the greater causes of accidents combined with the less than safe design of a motorcycle lead to significantly more deaths.

Your Personal Injury Attorney for Motorcycle Accidents

Understanding the risks of motorcycle driving is necessary, as you need to know how likely a crash is, even if you would consider yourself to be a safe driver. Accidents still happen, and they happen to those on motorcycles at a much greater rate. If you are recovering after an Atlanta motorcycle injury, you need more than a competent attorney; you need someone who will fight to ensure you get the best possible outcome for your situation. Contact Lamar Law Office, LLC, today to find out how we can help.