After A Collision

After being involved in a collision, a lot happens fast.  Usually the collision happens suddenly.  There is a whirlwind of license exchanges, narratives to police officers and trying to have a general handle on the situation.  Given the chaos after a car wreck many  just want to get home.  In an effort to return to normalcy as quickly as possible many declare they have no injuries or that they are fine.  If you are suffering from pain or realize you have an injury it is important to be completely honesty on the scene about your injuries `and any pain you may be feeling.

Are You Really Okay?

Honesty about injuries ensures proper medical treatment, services and also accurate medical records. Thereby allowing subsequent providers to  properly offer future medical treatment as needed.   Another reason many Georgians decline care at the scene is out of fear of medical cost.  With today’s rising medical costs this is becoming more of a more influence against receiving care.  Fear of medical bills or lack of health insurance is never a good reason to not receive necessary medical care.  Many metro-Atlanta hospitals even offer discounted uninsured rates or good Samaritan policies in an effort to prevent the avoidance of much needed care.

If you have been involved in an automobile collision please contact the car accident lawyers at Lamar Law Office, LLC to assist you.  We are happy to discuss the case with you in detail and explain to you all options available to you.