A decision on an issue that has been disputed in a civil or criminal case.



Short Definition: A decision on an issue that has been disputed in a civil or criminal case.


Will My Case Receive A Verdict?


Most personal injury claims do not require litigation.  As a result, those cases end in settlement versus a verdict.  However in some cases a lawsuit is needed because the insurance company is not properly evaluating the claim.  In the event that your case requires a lawsuit there is still a strong likelihood that it will settle prior to an actual trial.  However if your case does make it to trial then your case will receive a verdict.


Who Decides A Verdict?


In the state of Georgia the jury is responsible in jury trials and the judge is responsible in bench trials.


What Is A Special Verdict?


Pursuant to O.C.G.A. Section 9-11-49 is when the Court requires the jury to make a special written finding upon each issue of fact.  In that event the Court may submit to the jury written questions susceptible of categorical or other brief answer or may submit written forms of several special findings which might properly be made under the pleadings and evidence; or it may use such other method of submitting the issues and requiring the written findings thereon as it deems most appropriate.


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