A U-Turn is a turn so as to proceed in the opposite direction. 

Quick Definition: A U-Turn is a turn so as to proceed in the opposite direction.

Are U-Turns Legal In Georgia?

Pursuant to O.C.G.A. Section 40-6-121 U-Turns are not permitted in the following situations:


  • Upon any curve;
  • Upon the approach to or near the crest of a grade where such vehicle cannot be seen by the driver of another vehicle approaching from either directions;
  • Where such turn cannot be made in safety and without interfering with other traffic; or
  • Where a prohibition is posted.


Therefore in Georgia U-Turns are legal as long as you are not involved in any of the four above situations.


Do U-Turns Often Result In A Collision?


Georgia law states that U-Turns are legal except in the situations listed above.  However generally speaking it is a daring and risky move.  If you make a U-Turn and a collision results it will be hard to justify the turn.



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